Our Mission

Urban Trends’ mission is to become a competitive entry in the development of mixed-use communities in Africa. We intend to create a company that meets the investment objectives of our investors by creating a product that adds value to the cities and customers we serve.

Urban Trends Real Estate, Inc. balances profitability with social entrepreneurship. Investment in local talent, resources, goods, and services will produce added value to the communities we develop and redound to our benefit by expanding markets.

Within the next 5 years, Urban Trends Real Estate, Inc. will be recognized as a leader in creative design and planning to achieve economically vibrant planned communities that are affordable and attainable. We seek to create empowered communities – not just housing developments.

We believe that all citizens should have decent, safe, and affordable housing. While we could fulfill that need with just the essentials, we are committed to create more than just housing. Our communities will be attractive and functional, providing the canvas for residents to create a sense of place and a sense of community that endures and that supports their continued personal and economic development. In creating these communities, we believe that the greater community will have added value – not only from the accelerated development of infrastructure, housing, and retail opportunities, but from the creation of new jobs and businesses. We intend to seed communities that thrive.